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Osteoarthritis is strongly associated with age. It results due to age related loss of joint cartilage. It typically affects the knee, hip, spine, great toe, and hands. Patients have pain, swelling, short duration of stiffness at joints, crackling like sounds at joints. Apart from age, repeated injuries, mechanical stress, inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid, spondyloarthritis, developmental abnormalities in bones and joints predispose to development of osteoarthritis. These diseases cannot be cured, and there are a number of different treatment modalities available that can help manage pain. Major treatment modalities include physiotherapy, calcium supplementation assisted by efforts to decrease joint stress, weight loss, pain medication, glucosamine supplementation. Short term pain relief management options include joint injections by expert rheumatologists. Joint replacement, stem cell therapy etc are reserved for those in whom above mentioned modalities are not effective.

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